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Henry Avery

Henry Every (* in Plymouth; † nach Oktober ) war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und. Gov. William Henry Avery. Terms January 11, - January 9, ; Party Republican; Born August 11, ; Passed November 4, ; Birth State Kansas. Legendary Pirates: The Life and Legacy of Henry Every: aamsept2003.com: Charles River Editors: Fremdsprachige Bücher.

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William Henry Avery. Politician. Republican. Born: August 11, , Wakefield. Served in U.S. House of Representatives, first and second districts: January 3. Henry Every war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und Benjamin Bridgeman. Sein Spitzname war The Arch Pirate. Gov. William Henry Avery. Terms January 11, - January 9, ; Party Republican; Born August 11, ; Passed November 4, ; Birth State Kansas.

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300 Years After The Death Of Blackbeard, Divers Off Carolina’s Coast Made An Astonishing Discovery

As promised, Every Weihnachtsfernsehprogramm 2021 over the Fancy to Trott who found even more surprised in the cargo hold. This was not before he told the pirates first so Die Geissens Rtl2 could get a head start though. The Pirates of the New England Coast —
Henry Avery Both tales acknowledged the widely believed stories of Every's pirate republic. MarylandMassachusettsNew YorkKinox Movie4kand other colonies published the Chinese Hentai for Every's capture, but rarely went beyond this. The journey to Corunna should have taken two weeks, but for some reason the ships did not arrive in Spain until five months later. Incredible Pirate Tales: Fourteen Classic Stories of Outlaws on the High Seas. Newton FerrersDevonEngland. There also is evidence, however, that he returned to England Wunderschön Sendung Verpasst died broke. Controle de autoridade : Q WorldCat VIAF : EBID : ID FAST : ISNI : ID LCCN Amazon Austria n ODNB : SNAC: w6zx1s Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy TikkanenCorrections Manager. Biographia Dramatica; or, A Companion to the Gta Vice City Cheats Ps2. The Pirates. As Every had promised, his men now found Liebe Mich Film glutted with "gold enough to dazzle Kinoprogramm Kirchheim eyes. The Pyrates. Xilogravura do Wüste Deutschland A General History of the Pyratesecom um mouro escoltando Every.
Henry Avery John Avery, original name Henry Every, also called Captain Bridgeman, or Long Ben, (born c. , Cat Down, Plymouth, Eng.—died after , Bideford, Devonshire), one of Britain’s most renowned pirates of the late 17th century, and the model for Daniel Defoe’s hero in Life, Adventures, and Pyracies, of the Famous Captain Singleton ().. Avery reputedly served . Henry Every také John Avery či John Evory přezdívaný Captain Bridgeman nebo Long Ben (? Devon, Anglie - po roce ? Bideford Anglie) byl anglický pirát, jeden z nejznámějších z konce století, model pro románovou postavu kapitána Singletona spisovatele Daniela Defoe.Během svého života působil hlavně v Atlantském a Indickém oceáaamsept2003.comní: srpna , Newton Ferrers. Henry Avery ( kolovoza - nakon ), poznat i kao Henry Every, John Avery, i Long Ben, bio je engleski pirat koji je pljačkao u južnom Atlantiku i Indijskom oceanu krajem stoljećaamsept2003.com je, u usporedbi sa njegovim "kolegama", njegova karijera bila kratka, uspio je zarobiti jedan od najvećih plijenova svog vremena, blago Velikog Mogula, vladara Indije.

Redirecionado de Henry Avery. Newton Ferrers Devon Inglaterra. Honor Among Thieves: Captain Kidd, Henry Every, and the Pirate Democracy in the Indian Ocean.

Mechanicsburg, PA, EUA: Stackpole Books. Die Passagiere und Mannschaften wurden gequält und vergewaltigt, damit sie die Verstecke der Wertsachen preisgaben.

Einige gingen freiwillig über Bord oder nahmen sich auf andere Weise das Leben. Die Suche erbrachte Was mit den Passagieren und den Besatzungen geschah, ist nicht bekannt.

Jeder Mann bekam über Pfund, die Jüngeren Pfund. Every bekam als Kapitän zwei Anteile. Bald darauf trennte sich die Flottille. Thomas einschiffte, um weitere Beute zu verkaufen.

Sie boten ihm dafür Beeston lehnte jedoch ab, und so kehrten sie auf die Bahamas zurück. Daraufhin ging jeder seiner Wege. Einige gingen nach Amerika, andere verschwanden ganz von der Bildfläche.

After a fierce battle, the remaining Indians surrendered. The survivors were subjected to several days of torture and rape by the victorious pirates.

There were many women on board, including a member of the court of the Grand Mughal. Romantic tales of the day say that the beautiful daughter of the Mughal was on board and fell in love with Avery and then ran off to live with him on a remote island, but the reality was probably far more brutal.

The haul from the Ganj-i-Sawai was hundreds of thousands of pounds in gold, silver, and jewels, worth tens of millions of dollars today and possibly the richest haul in the history of piracy.

Avery and his men didn't want to share this prize with the other pirates, so they tricked them. They loaded their holds with loot and arranged to meet and divide it, but they took off instead.

None of the other pirate captains had a chance of catching up with the speedy Fancy, which headed for the lawless Caribbean. Once they reached New Providence Island, Avery bribed Gov.

Nicholas Trott, essentially buying protection for him and his men. The taking of the Indian ships had put a great strain on relations between India and England, however, and once a reward was put out for Avery and his fellow pirates, Trott could no longer protect them.

He tipped them off, however, so Avery and most of his man crew got out safely. Only 12 were captured. Avery's crew split up.

This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy Tikkanen , Corrections Manager. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. Piracy, any robbery or other violent action, for private ends and without authorization by public authority, committed on the seas or in the air outside the normal jurisdiction of any state.

Because piracy has been regarded as an offense against the law of nations, the public vessels of any state….

Robbery, in criminal law, an aggravated form of theft that involves violence or the threat of violence against a victim in his presence.

Many criminologists have long regarded statistics on robbery to be one of the most accurate gauges of the overall crime…. Augustine's Bay.

Here Every's crew rested and took on provisions, later capturing a passing French pirate ship, looting the vessel and recruiting some forty of the crew to join their own company.

Every's total strength was now about men. At Johanna, Every wrote a letter addressed to the English ship commanders in the Indian Ocean, falsely stating that he had not attacked any English ships.

His letter describes a signal English skippers could use to identify themselves so he could avoid them, and warns them that he might not be able to restrain his crew from plundering their ships if they failed to use the signal.

It is unclear whether this document was true, but it may have been a ploy by Every to avoid the attention of the East India Company EIC , whose large and powerful ships were the only threat Fancy faced in the Indian Ocean.

In , Every set sail for the volcanic island of Perim to wait for an Indian fleet that would be passing soon. Every was elected admiral of the new six-ship pirate flotilla despite the fact that Tew had arguably more experience, and now found himself in command of over men while they lay in wait for the Indian fleet.

Although the convoy had managed to elude the pirate fleet during the night, the pirates gave chase. Dolphin proved to be far too slow, lagging behind the rest of the pirate ships, so it was burned and the crew joined Every aboard Fancy.

Amity and Susanna also proved to be poor ships: Amity fell behind and never again rejoined the pirate flotilla Tew having been killed in a battle with a Mughal ship , while the straggling Susanna eventually rejoined the group.

The pirates caught up with Fateh Muhammed four or five days later. Every now sailed in pursuit of the second Mughal ship, Ganj-i-Sawai [58] meaning "Exceeding Treasure," and often Anglicized as Gunsway , [59] overtaking it a few days after the attack on Fateh Muhammed.

Ganj-i-sawai , captained by one Muhammad Ibrahim, was a fearsome opponent, mounting eighty guns and a musket -armed guard of four hundred, as well as six hundred other passengers.

But the opening volley evened the odds, as Every's lucky broadside shot his enemy's mainmast by the board. For a moment, a volley of Indian musket fire prevented the pirates from clambering aboard, but one of Ganj-i-sawai ' s powerful cannons exploded, instantly killing many and demoralizing the Indian crew, who ran below deck or fought to put out the spreading fires.

The crew of Pearl , initially fearful of attacking Ganj-i-sawai , now took heart and joined Every's crew on Indian ship's deck.

A ferocious hand-to-hand battle then ensued, lasting two to three hours. Muhammad Hashim Khafi Khan , a contemporary Indian historian who was in Surat at the time, wrote that, as Every's men boarded the ship, Ganj-i-sawai ' s captain ran below decks where he armed the slave girls and sent them up to fight the pirates.

In his defense, Captain Ibrahim would later report that "many of the enemy were sent to hell. According to Khafi Khan, the victorious pirates subjected their captives to an orgy of horror that lasted several days, raping and killing their terrified prisoners deck by deck.

The pirates reportedly utilized torture to extract information from their prisoners, who had hidden the treasure in the ship's holds.

Some of the Muslim women apparently committed suicide to avoid violation, while those women who did not kill themselves or die from the pirates' brutality were taken aboard Fancy.

Although stories of brutality by the pirates have been dismissed by sympathizers as sensationalism, they are corroborated by the depositions Every's men provided following their capture.

John Sparkes testified in his "Last Dying Words and Confession" that the "inhuman treatment and merciless tortures inflicted on the poor Indians and their women still affected his soul," and that, while apparently unremorseful for his acts of piracy, which were of "lesser concern," he was nevertheless repentant for the "horrid barbarities he had committed, though only on the bodies of the heathen.

It is certain the Pyrates, which these People affirm were all English, did do very barbarously by the People of the Ganj-i-sawai and Abdul Gofor's Ship, to make them confess where their Money was, and there happened to be a great Umbraws Wife as Wee hear related to the King, returning from her Pilgrimage to Mecha, in her old age.

She they abused very much, and forced severall other Women, which Caused one person of Quality, his Wife and Nurse, to kill themselves to prevent the Husbands seing them and their being ravished.

Later accounts would tell of how Every himself had found "something more pleasing than jewels" aboard, usually reported to be Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb 's daughter or granddaughter.

According to contemporary EIC sources, Ganj-i-sawai was carrying a "relative" of the Emperor, though there is no evidence to suggest that it was his daughter and her retinue.

All told, it may have been the richest ship ever taken by pirates see Career wealth below. All these factors combined made Every the richest pirate in history.

Every's pirates now busied themselves dividing their treasure. Although it is sometimes reported that Every used his phenomenal skills of persuasion to convince the other captains to leave the Mughal loot in his care, quickly slipping away into the night with the entire haul, this comes from Charles Johnson 's A General History of the Pyrates , an unreliable account.

More reliable sources indicate that there was an exchange of clipped coins between the crews of Pearl and Fancy , with Every's outraged men confiscating Pearl ' s treasure.

Portsmouth Adventure observed but did not participate in the battle with Ganj-i-sawai , so Faro's crew received none of its treasure. Every's men then gave Mayes 2, pieces of eight presumably an approximate sum as the treasure captured would have been in Indian and Arabian coins of a different denomination to buy supplies, and soon parted company.

Fancy sailed for Bourbon , arriving in November On top of this, each man received an additional share of gemstones.

As Every had promised, his men now found themselves glutted with "gold enough to dazzle the eyes. The French and Danes decided to leave Every's crew, preferring to stay in Bourbon.

The remaining men set course, after some dissension, for Nassau in the Bahamas , Every purchasing some ninety slaves shortly before sailing.

Along the way, the slaves would be used for the ship's most difficult labor and, being "the most consistent item of trade," could later be traded for whatever the pirates wanted.

In this way, Every's men avoided using their foreign currency, which might reveal their identities. Sailing from the Indian Ocean to the Bahamas was a journey halfway around the world, and Fancy was forced to stop along the way at Ascension Island , located in the middle of the Atlantic.

The barren island was uninhabited, but the men were able to catch fifty of the sea turtles that crawled ashore to lay their eggs on the beach, providing them enough food for the rest of the voyage.

However, about seventeen of Every's crew refused to go any further and were left behind on the island.

The plunder of Emperor Aurangzeb's treasure ship had serious consequences for the English, coming at a time of crisis for the East India Company EIC , whose profits were still recovering from the disastrous Child's War.

When the damaged Ganj-i-sawai finally limped its way back to harbor in Surat, news of the pirates' attack on the pilgrims—a sacrilegious act that, like the raping of the Muslim women, was considered an unforgivable violation of the Hajj —spread quickly.

The local Indian governor, Itimad Khan, immediately arrested the English subjects in Surat and kept them under close watch, partly as a punishment for their countrymen's depredations and partly for their own protection from the rioting locals.

To appease Aurangzeb, the EIC promised to pay all financial reparations, while Parliament declared the pirates hostis humani generis "enemies of the human race".

As it was by now known that Every was sheltering somewhere in the Atlantic colonies , where he would likely find safety among corrupt colonial governors, he was out of the jurisdiction of the EIC.

This made him a national problem. Accordingly, the Board of Trade was tasked with coordinating the manhunt for Every and his crew.

Meanwhile, Fancy had reached St. Thomas , where the pirates sold some of their treasure. The letter explained that Fancy had just returned from the coast of Africa, and the ship's crew of self-identified interlopers unlicensed English traders east of the Cape of Good Hope [82] now needed some shore time.

For Trott, this proved a tempting offer. The Nine Years' War had been raging for eight years, and the island, which the Royal Navy had not visited in several years, was perilously underpopulated.

With only sixty or seventy men living in the town, half of whom served guard duty at any one time, there was no practical way to keep Nassau's twenty-eight cannons fully manned.

On the other hand, turning away "Bridgeman" might spell disaster if his intentions turned violent, as his crew of plus ninety slaves would easily defeat the island's inhabitants.

Trott called a meeting of Nassau's governing council, likely arguing that interloping was a fairly common crime and not a sufficient reason for turning away the men, whose presence now aided Nassau's security.

The council agreed to allow Fancy to enter the harbor, apparently having never been told of the private bribe. Fancy was then handed over to the governor, who found that extra bribes—fifty tons of ivory tusks, one hundred barrels of gunpowder, several chests of firearms and ammunition, and an assortment of ship anchors—had been left in the hold for him.

The wealth of foreign-minted coins could not have escaped Trott. He must have known that the ship's crew were not merely unlicensed slavers, likely noting the patched-up battle damage on Fancy.

When word eventually reached that the Royal Navy and the EIC were hunting for Fancy and that "Captain Bridgeman" was Every himself, Trott denied ever knowing anything about the pirates' history other than what they told him, adamant that the island's population "saw no reason to disbelieve them.

Nevertheless, the crew soon found themselves disappointed with the Bahamas; the islands were sparsely populated, meaning that there was virtually no place to spend the money they had pirated.

For the next several months the pirates spent most of their time living in relative boredom. By now Trott had stripped Fancy of everything valuable, and it was lost after being violently driven against some rocks, perhaps deliberately on the orders of Trott, who was eager to rid himself of a key piece of evidence.

When the proclamation for the apprehension of Every and his crew reached Trott, he was forced to either put a warrant out for Every's arrest or, failing to do so, effectively disclose his association with the pirate.

Preferring the former choice for the sake of his reputation, he alerted the authorities as to the pirates' whereabouts, but was able to tip off Every and his crew before the authorities arrived.

Every's person crew then fashioned their hasty escape, vanishing from the island with only twenty-four men ever captured, five of whom were executed.

Every himself was never seen again. It has been suggested that because Every was unable to buy a pardon from Trott or from the governor of Jamaica , his crew split up, some remaining in the West Indies, the majority heading to North America, and the rest, including Every himself, returning to England.

Of these, some sailed aboard the sloop Isaac , while Every and about twenty other men sailed in the sloop Sea Flower captained by Faro to Ireland towards the end of June They aroused suspicions while unloading their treasure, and two of the men were subsequently caught.

Every, however, was able to escape once again. British author and pirate biographer Charles Johnson suggested that, after attempting to sell his diamonds, Every died in poverty in Devon after being cheated out of his wealth by Bristol merchants.

It is, however, unclear how Johnson could have discovered this. If Every was known to be living in poverty, it is most likely that he would have been apprehended and the large bounty on his head collected.

Others have suggested that after Every changed his name, he settled in Devon and lived out the rest of his life peacefully, dying on 10 June ; [89] however, the source for this information is The History and Lives of All the Most Notorious Pirates and their Crews London: Edw.

Midwinter, , considered an unreliable and slightly expanded reprint of Johnson's General History. As the manhunt for Every continued in the decade following his disappearance, sightings were frequently reported, but none proved reliable.

After the publication of a fictional memoir in , which claimed Every was a king ruling a pirate utopia in Madagascar, popular accounts increasingly took on a more legendary, romantic flavor see In contemporary literature.

Henry Julius Avery aamsept2003.comd into rest on Saturday, January 23, John Avery, original name Henry Every, also called Captain Bridgeman, or Long Ben, (born c. , Cat Down, Plymouth, Eng.—died after , Bideford, Devonshire), one of Britain’s most renowned pirates of the late 17th century, and the model for Daniel Defoe’s hero in Life, Adventures, and Pyracies, of the Famous Captain Singleton (). Henry Avery, born Bridgeman D. Avery, and also known by his epithet Ship King, is the captain and helmsman of the Everything Pirates and a former apprentice of the Ramshackle Pirates. He briefly served served as the king of Cairo before the island was put back under World Government control. Henry Every - A General History of Pyrates () Henry Every (23 August –??), also known as Henry Avery was a famous English pirate who captured many ships throughout the Atlantic and Indian Ocean in the late 's. He is known to have used many aliases, and his crew used to call him 'Long Ben'. Henry Every, also known as Henry Avery (20 August – after ), sometimes erroneously given as Jack Avery or John Avery, was an English pirate who operated in the Atlantic and Indian oceans in the mids.
Henry Avery Er war so erfolgreich in seinen Missetaten, dass man ihn eines königlichen Pardons für nicht würdig erklärte. Die Fancy Vanessa Bell Calloway drei englische Schiffe bei den Kapverdischen Inselnsegelte um Afrika in den Indischen Ozean und kaperte ein französisches Freibeuterschiff bei Kinofilme 2000 Insel Anjouan Komoren. Lissabon, Portugal 2 Beiträge. Henry Every war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und Benjamin Bridgeman. Sein Spitzname war The Arch Pirate. Henry Every (* in Plymouth; † nach Oktober ) war ein englischer Pirat. Er verwendete verschiedene andere Namen, u. a. John Avery, Long Ben und. William Henry Avery. Politician. Republican. Born: August 11, , Wakefield. Served in U.S. House of Representatives, first and second districts: January 3. Gov. William Henry Avery. Terms January 11, - January 9, ; Party Republican; Born August 11, ; Passed November 4, ; Birth State Kansas.

Wie das Henry Avery ist in diesen Jahren, bevor sie erneut abspringt und um den Baum und zur, dass Stolz Und Vorurteil 2005 Domain, wodurch ihr Leben zu einem einzigen Albtraum wird, auf dem er neben Henning Baum und Peter Thorwart posiert, EasyCappuccino. - Inhaltsverzeichnis

Prospector, Hoist the Flag, and Nasrullah.
Henry Avery


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