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Emori fragt Murphy danach, was der Markt heute zu bieten hat, der erkennt. Ein Abo bei TV Spielfilm, weshalb einige Rechtsexperten der Ansicht sind, mit blitzendem Messerhandschuh und eiskalter Miene jagt das Pizzagesicht die inzwischen erwachsene Nancy aus Teil 1 - doch dieses Mal in der Realitt und nicht im Film.

Mondaiji-Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo Bs

Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? überprüfen. Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, und You Kasukabe haben gewaltige​. Schaue auf Burning Series mehr als Serien wie Die Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory und viele mehr gratis. Anime: Nichijou, Nisekoi, Angel Beats, Kore wa zombie desu ka?, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, MM! Tauziehen in BS Runde I Mitsudomoe, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo, Muteki Kanban Musume.


mondaiji taiji. Anime: Nichijou, Nisekoi, Angel Beats, Kore wa zombie desu ka?, Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt, MM! Tauziehen in BS Runde I Mitsudomoe, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo, Muteki Kanban Musume. Jetzt Verfügbarkeit von Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? überprüfen. Izayoi Sakamaki, Asuka Kudou, und You Kasukabe haben gewaltige​.

Mondaiji-Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo Bs Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo, Video

[AMV] Mondaiji Tachi Ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu Yo - Black + White ~

Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Subtitle Indonesia, Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo?

Status: Completed Studio: Diomedea Released: Jan 12, Duration: 23 min per ep Season: Winter Type: TV Episodes: 10 Censor: Censored Posted by: Anogami Dirilis: Desember 19, Updated on: Februari 23, Action Comedy Fantasy Supernatural.

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Sinopsis Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Episode Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? Episode Awal Episode 1.

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Studio All. The person in question, Izayoi, sluggishly rearranged his crossed legs and after a good 3 minutes of silence, "Sounds fun, that.

I said I will cooperate. Be a bit more happy, Kuro Usagi. The dazed Kuro Usagi asked times more while standing up. Is this where this was headed?

Or you don't need me? If you say rude things I will really go somewhere else. We need Izayoi-san! Go wake up that snake quickly and get that Gift.

After that we will go see the waterfall at the end of the river and the [Edge of the World]. Izayoi was looking at them discussing something in the distance, when suddenly a blueish light filled the surroundings.

When the slowly moving source of the light finally transferred from the head of the Serpent God to Kuro Usagi's hands, she hopped back to in front of Izayoi.

We received a sapling of a water tree this large! If we have this we won't have to buy water from other Communities! This will help everyone a great deal!

Izayoi wasn't familiar with the circumstances of the Community or Little Garden, but it seemed very important to Kuro Usagi.

As far as I can see, you seem far stronger than him. The reason behind that comes from the fact that Rabbits are called the [Highborn of Little Garden].

Rabbits possess a special privilege, like [Host Master], but it's called [Judge Master]. If someone with [Judge Master] authority serves as a referee for a Game, neither of the participants can break the rules of the Gift Game--, or more accurately, the defeat of the rule breaker is immediately decided.

That's a good deal. That means if we conspire with Kuro Usagi we will be unbeatable in Gift Games. Rabbits' eyes and ears are connected to the center of Little Garden.

That means regardless of a Rabbit's will, defeat is decided, and the Chips can be collected. And if you try to sway the verdict with force, then As a compensation to having the rights of [Judge Master], there are a few [Constraints] in place.

After serving as a referee for a Gift Game, counting 15 days, cannot participate in other Gift Games. Cannot participate without the Host's approval.

Cannot participate in a Game situated outside Little Garden. Well there are more, but the main reasons why I couldn't challenge Serpent God-sama to a Game is those three.

Besides Kuro Usagi's referee work was the Community's only income, inevitably there were not many opportunities to participate in the Community's Games.

Even with considerable abilities, if you can't participate, then there is nothing you can do. He was heading for the Great Waterfall of Tritonis at the Edge of the World.

Kuro Usagi, who was carrying the sapling of a water tree which was around as tall as her, caught up to him with a short jog. Just kidding.

Let's hear it. Ah, ok. Why did Izayoi-san decide to cooperate with us? I could give you a straight answer, but that would be no fun. I will change the question slightly.

Why do you think I want to see the [Edge of the World]? Because it's fun, as expected? Izayoi-san is a self-proclaimed hedonist after all. Then why is it that I've found it fun?

This time Kuro Usagi was seriously thinking about the answer. Y-You can't do that! Adding a time limit for a Game is against the rules, unless it's done beforehand!

Then Kuro Usagi will self-destruct now? The sun was setting steadily and it was almost evening. To put it simply, it's because there is a sense of adventure to it.

In my world our predecessors took part in every possible kind of adventures, almost none were left that was suited for me.

So I thought, if it's a different world, then there may still be some amazing ones left that are worthy of me. In other words, going to see the [Edge of the World] is for stocking up on the necessary thrill for me to survive, or something like that.

Izayoi-san wants to feel the thrill of adventure, am I right? Living for the thrills is the basis of being a hedonist, isn't it?

Then the reason you are lending your strength to Kuro Usagi is-? If the sun goes all the way down, we might not see the rainbows.

Let's hurry. Watching the sun set, Izayoi murmured. That sun is genuine god-made sun that revolves around Little Garden.

They say in the Upper Echelons of Little Garden there is a Game for the command right of the sun. I would really want to participate in that someday.

After that they walked for another half-an-hour before reaching the Great Waterfall of Tritonis at last. The elliptic looking mouth of the river continued on to the distance far away, the flowing water ran over the [Edge of the World] and fell down to the endless sky beneath.

Kuro Usagi explained while enduring the wind and the water spray falling from the cliffside. This is the Great Waterfall of Tritonis, it's width is around m.

There probably wasn't a waterfall like this one in Izayoi-san's world, right? It's honestly amazing. So it's around two times the width of Niagara.

What is it like below this [Edge of the World]? Is it carried by a huge turtle after all? Izayoi was probably thinking about that.

Izayoi stuck his head out happily over the cliff expecting to find a huge turtle. He imagined something like a dark abyss below, but only saw the same sunset sky below the cliff and everywhere else.

Supporting this world are pillars known as [World Axes]. Nobody knows exactly how many of them there are, but one of them pierces Little Garden, it's that huge column over there.

There is a legend that says the reason behind Little Garden existing in this incomplete form is because somewhere someone pulled one of the [World Axes] out and took it home, but Then we should be thankful to that big idiot.

Is Atlantis at the upstream of this river of something? Besides the vastness of the World of Little Garden that has a surface area of a sun, Kuro Usagi is not that familiar with the state of the outside of Little Garden.

Nonetheless-- , if we move our headquarters to the Upper Echelons of Little Garden, there may be available documents there with information about that.

If you seek adventures, then this is Kuro Usagi's recommendation. I will do my part for that. But I won't help you persuade the other two.

I don't mind if you trick or deceive them, but I'd prefer if it didn't cause trouble in the future. If we want get by as part of the same team, then even more so.

I understand. Yes, they are allies who will be fighting alongside each other in the same Community. By trying to take advantage of them just because they are problem children, they would just lose all the trust they would otherwise be able to gain.

The importance of the Community made Kuro Usagi forget about this fact. That was extremely rude towards those new comrades. Should have explained it all at the beginning I wonder if Jin-bocchan is all right?

Part 4 The time was half-an-hour before Kuro Usagi and Izayoi met up with each other again. I understand more or less.

In other words [Demon Lord] is a term used for deities and such, who brandish their special rights in this world, and Jin-kun's Community was toyed around and destroyed by them.

Something like that? Deities do like cheeky humans since ancient times after all. Breaking something you love too much at the end is a common occurrence.

All that remains is an extensive part of land in the residential zone. If they would've formed another Community when that happened, then the previous Community would've been remembered as remarkable.

Now they are nothing more than another nameless and dishonored Community. What can even a Community do that is not allowed to name itself?

Being a Host? No one will trust an organization without a Name. Then participating in Gift Games? Yes, that is certainly possible.

But will talented Gift Bearers gather to a Community that allowed its prestige and pride to decline so much? Probably nobody would want to join.

He is nothing but a shameless ghost of the past clinging to their former glory, holding an impossible dream.

Jin's face was bright red and his hands were in a grip on his lap. He talks about rebuilding his Community, but he is just a parasite relying on Kuro Usagi to support their Community.

Rabbits possess so many powerful Gifts that they are called the [Highborns of Little Garden], any Community would welcome them happily with open arms.

Having a Rabbit to a Community means a great deal. And yet every day she runs around wrecking herself for those stupid brats, supporting that weakling Community, getting by only on her meager income.

I see. I understand the situation. Then Galdo-san, why is that you told us about this so politely? Galdo noticed that and laughed.

Will you come to my Community together with Kuro Usagi if you please? But Galdo Gasper ferociously stared back at Jin.

If you would've changed your Name and Emblem in the first place, at least some people would've remained. You corner your own Community with your selfishness, yet you dare summon people from another world?

And if as a result you would make them bear the same hardship as Kuro Usagi Jin's Community was in that dire situation. So, how about it ladies?

I won't ask you to respond immediately. You have 30 days of freedom in Little Garden you can take to decide before joining a Community.

You should inspect the Community that summoned you and our Community, [Fores Garo], then after careful consideration--" "No need.

I am perfectly satisfied with Jin-kun's Community. I only came to this world to make friends after all. In that case, can I nominate myself for the position of friend number one?

We are polar opposites, but somehow I feel we would get along surprisingly well. Asuka is different than the other girls I know, so it may be all right.

I'm so happy ojou made a friend I'm tearing up. The two of them were getting excited without the two leaders. Galdo's expression stiffened from being ignored completely, then coughed while trying to maintain composure.

As you heard Kasukabe-san only came here to make friends, she is fine with either Jin-kun or Galdo-san. Did you really think I would find the insincere invitation of a small-scale organization that only rules a tiny bit of territory that appealing?

If so, then you should try again once you recognize your limitations, you phony tiger-gentleman. Galdo Gasper was trembling from rage.

As a self-proclaimed gentleman he was probably desperately trying to find suitable words to respond to Asuka's extremely insulting statements.

Galdo's mouth closed violently in an unnatural seeming way and fell silent. He seemed confounded, desperately trying to open his mouth, but no sound came out.

There are still things I have to ask of you. Sit right there and keep answering my questions! Galdo was panicking.

He didn't know how she did it, but the freedom of his limbs were stolen, he couldn't resist in the slightest. The startled cat-eared shopkeeper came rushing over to them.

I would like Cat-Shopkeeper-san to witness this as a third-party. You will probably hear many interesting things.

But that is somewhat different from the Gift Games I have heard about. Games between Communities should consist of a Host and the challengers, both betting various chips.

Hey, Jin-kun. Betting the whole Community as a chip is that common? But that is the same as betting the whole existence of the Community itself, a very rare case.

Even we know that and we just barely arrived here. Being able to force fights between Communities is exactly why those with the Host Master privilege are feared as a Demon Lord.

Why is that you, who does not possess that privilege, were able to force those important contests where one has to risk their whole Community, one after the other?

Will you please tell us? Nearby people slowly started to realize the reason behind the disturbance. In other words, the fact that no one can disobey this young lady, Kudou Asuka's orders.

We left the ones who didn't respond to that for later, then gradually absorbed all the others and forced the remaining ones into circumstances where they couldn't help but accept the challenge to a Game.

It is a simple plan fitting for a small fry such as you. However, will the members of the organization you absorbed in this shady way work for you obediently?

Her manner of speaking or expressions didn't change, but the atmosphere around her gave off a sense of foreboding. More and more despicable.

Then where are those children confined at the moment? Only Galdo Gasper continued speaking obeying the order he received. After that I tried to be more careful after taking them, but 'I miss my daddy' , 'I want my mummy', their crying irritated me so much I killed them after all.

After that I settled on dealing with the brats on the same day they arrive. But if they find out I killed someone from those Communities it would break the organization.

So a trusted subordinate took the bodies of those dead brats and at-" "Shut up! Galdo's mouth closed even faster than before.

Asuka's voice became even more dreadful as she cracked down on Galdo like she was trying to squeeze his soul. One rarely meets an epitome of evil such as yourself.

As expected of Little Garden, the home for inhuman creatures. Right Jin-kun? That is a bit of a shame. By the way, with this confession can the law of Little Garden punish this scum?

Of course it's against the law to take hostages from declined Communities or kill the comrades of his followers, but If Galdo as the leader leaves the Community, it's clear that Fores Garo which is nothing but a disorderly mob, will break up.

But Asuka wasn't satisfied with only that. Then there is nothing we can do. That must've been the sign. The power that restrained Galdo vanished and the freedom of his limbs returned to him.

Galdo mad with anger smashed the cafe table. The tuxedo covering his huge body was ripped apart by his expanding back muscles, and the hair on his body changed colors to an emerging black and yellow striped pattern.

His Gift was a close breed to something like a werewolf. He was part of a mixed race called the weretigers.

I'm under the protection of the Demon Lord that protects the Number th Gate of Little Garden!! If you pick a fight with me, that means you pick a fight with him too!

Do you know what tha-" "Silence! I was not done talking. Once again his mouth closed vehemently. But his rage couldn't be stopped solely by that anymore.

Galdo raised his thick, log-like arms and attacked Asuka. Only Asuka was laughing happily. I do not care who you have behind your back. The same could probably be said about Jin-kun too.

After all his final aim is to defeat the Demon Lord that destroyed his Community. In reality, Jin almost lost to fear when the Demon Lord was mentioned, but hearing Asuka mention his goals helped him get back to his usual self.

Our final aim is to defeat the Demon Lord and regain our pride and comrades. Those kind of threats won't work on us anymore. This means you have no way to avoid your destruction.

After Kudou Asuka regained her composure somewhat, she lifted Galdo's chin with the tip of her foot, then said with a mischievous smile: "However.

I will not be satisfied by only your Community's demise. A scum like you must be torn to shreds and punished, while you regret all your sins.

But there is a proposition I have for all of you here. Asuka pulled the tip of her foot away and this time she grabbed Galdo's chin with her feminine, pretty fingertips.

With the continued existence of your 'Fores Garo' and the pride and soul of the 'No Names' on the line. Storm-like preaching and questioning flew about in response to the sudden development.

We're currently reflecting on our actions. Izayoi who was watching that with a smirk, delivered the finisher. It's not like they were indiscriminately picking a fight, so forgive them.

Look at this [Geass Roll]. The Game's details, rules, wagers and prizes were written on it and it was sealed with the signature of the leader of the [Host]'s community.

The contents of the prize section that Kuro Usagi was pointing at went like this. Since if we let time pass, we'll be deliberately taking on the risk that we'll lose the proof to substantiate our claims.

It wasn't just related to this time; they would need to continue keeping their silence. After all, the crucial children are She had also heard about [Fores Garo]'s bad reputation but had not thought the situation would have deteriorated to such terrible conditions.

The hostages are no longer of this world. If we push that point, the evidence will surely come up. But it's also true that that would take a little bit of time.

We don't want to have that lag before we pass judgment on that scum. Outside that was a lawless region where various races' communities lived under their respective laws and rules.

If he escaped there, he could no longer be judged under Little Garden's laws. But with the compulsory fulfillment afforded by the [Geass Roll], they would be able to chase Galdo no matter how far he ran using the powerful [Geass].

I can't allow scum like that to be so close to my daily life because of my morals and such. If we let him run away now, he'll definitely come gunning for us again.

It may be troublesome if we were to let him run. A villain like him must not be allowed to roam free. You all just can't be helped.

Well, fine. I also agree that he's irritating. For something of [Fores Garo]'s level, just Izayoi-san alone guarantees an easy win. However, Izayoi and Asuka put on puzzled expressions and, "What are you saying?

I won't be going, you know? I won't let you participate. Kuro Usagi flared up at them in a fluster. You're comrades from the same Community, so you have to cooperate with each other.

They were the ones that picked this fight and the other guys accepted it. It would be bad mannered from me to interfere. Ahh, jeez, do as you wish.

It's just a Game where we won't lose anything so it's fine whatever happens, she muttered with drooping shoulders. Part 2 Kuro Usagi stood up from her seat and took the water tree sapling left beside her into her arms with great care.

Kuro Usagi cleared her throat and pulled herself together before beginning to speak. Truthfully, we had a booking at a wonderful restaurant and various other things set up to welcome you all but Due to an unforeseen incident, we'll have to cancel those for today.

We'll welcome you properly at a later date. Our Community is already in a critical state, right? His apologetic face conveyed that their circumstances had become known.

Red up to her rabbit ears, Kuro Usagi lowered her head bashfully. I felt awkward deceiving you all but Kuro Usagi and the rest were also desperate.

I don't care about the level of the group. How about Kasukabe-san? To begin with, I don't really care about what the Community is like Jin leaned on the table and inquired.

If it is within our power, then it is the least we could do. It's just that I To obtain water in Little Garden, one had to either buy it or draw it from the large river several kilometres away.

On this plot of land that made securing water difficult, a bath was a first-class luxury. Izayoi-san obtained a water tree sapling this large!

Asuka also looked relieved by this. I was unreasonably tossed into a lake today, so I absolutely wanted to take a bath. I don't want to be welcomed like that a second time.

Jin smiled wryly beside her. The Game is tomorrow so I'd like to get everyone's Gifts appraised by [Thousand Eyes].

There's also the matter of this water tree. Is that a Community's name? It is a massive mercantile Community that is well-informed about every corner of Little Garden, both the Upper Echelons and the Lower Levels.

Fortunately, there is a branch store nearby. If you have a correct understanding of your ability, you can further draw out its power. You're all curious about the origin of your abilities, right?

Peribed Road, which led to the shop, was made of stone and the trees alongside it were scattering pink flowers as buds and new leaves were beginning to grow.

Looking at the tree-lined street lit by dusk and the city's lamps, Asuka murmured in amazement. Their petals are different and they shouldn't be blooming in midsummer.

It's not strange that there are some lively cherry blossoms left. I thought it was autumn. And the three who were out of sync exchanged glances and tilted their heads.

Kuro Usagi smiled and explained. You mean parallel worlds? The true term would be the Ring of Intersecting Concurrent Worlds It seemed that they had arrived.

On the shop's banner, two goddesses depicted facing each other on the blue cloth. That was probably the 'Thousand Eyes' banner.

Kuro Usagi tried to stop the female shop clerk who was taking down the signboard at the end of the day, "Wai-" "Waiting won't happen, dear customer.

We don't do after hours business. She couldn't voice her attempt to stop her. Kuro Usagi leered at the store clerk, vexed. They truly were an economic giant.

There was no flaw in their refusal of pushy customers. To close their doors on a customer five minutes before closing! You are hereby forbidden from associating with us.

You are banned. To be issuing a ban over something like this, aren't you treating your customers with too much contempt!? I will ask for authorization inside, so could I have the name of your Community?

However, Izayoi gave the name without hesitation. Then which [No Name]-sama would that be. Could you allow me to confirm your Banner?

The risk of Communities without a [Name] or [Banner Emblem] surely this kind of thing. This is bad. The [Thousand Eyes] shop rejected the [No Name].

At this rate, we'll really end up being banned. Because they were a powerful shop, they chose their customers. They wouldn't assume the risks that dealing with an untrustworthy customer would entail.

Everyone's gazes focused on Kuro Usagi. She made a face that showed she was frustrated from the bottom of her heart and muttered in a small voice.

It's been a while, Kuro Usagiiiiii! And a scream that was growing distant. Izayoi rolled his eyes and the shop clerk's face winced.

Hey, clerk. Does this shop have a service for surprising people? Then please try a different version for me, by all means. Both were serious. The white-haired girl who had performed a flying body attack on Kuro Usagi buried and rubbed her face in her chest.

Why are you here at such a low level!? Fufu, fuhohofuhoho! The sensation of touching a rabbit is truly different! Come now, does it feel good here, or here!

Pl-Please let go of me! The girl who was spinning vertically was stopped by Izayoi's foot. Wh-Who are you who would use his foot to stop a beautiful girl he's just met and flew towards him?

Let's get along from now on, Loli in Japanese clothing. I am Shiroyasha-sama, one of the leaders of the [Thousand Eyes], young lady.

If it's a job-related request, then I will take care of it for one touch of that comparatively well-developed chest. We won't profit like that.

The boss will get angry. Kuro Usagi, who wrung her soaked clothes and miniskirt as she climbed out of the canal, murmured with mixed emotions. I didn't think even I would get wet.

On the other hand, Shiroyasha didn't mind being soaked at all as she looked around at Izayoi and the rest, who were in front of the shop, with a mischievous smile.

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