Who we are

Hi there, my name is Milton Jenkins and I’m a archiver and a certified book worm from London. AAMSept2003 is a website that I launched in an effort to reinvigorate the publics interest in archives, and to make sure that these fine institutions that keep a huge chunk of our country’s history, don’t end up affected with budget cuts, like they usually do.

AAM in AAMSept2003 stands for Archive Awareness Month and Sept2003 stands for September 2003, the month that was officially the first month dedicated to the importance of archives. United Kingdom has a long history, and it would be a shame to see it all decay due to lack of funding.

It is my hope that this year we will once again have an Archive Awareness Month setup, and that the public will be shown how important archives are. From them we learn about our history, about our family trees, important historical events, we draw scientific values for comparison with modern test figures and much, much more. I’ll be doing my part and keep posting here on the website, spreading the word about archives. I hope that you’ll join me. Contact your MP and tell them that you would like to see more support for the national and other types of archives, because they are all that we have left from history. Join my fight, and I’ll be immensely thankful.